Local Ex BT Telephone Engineer Amersham. Ex BT Openreach. Telephone 07934 231000

Telephone Engineer Amersham, Ex BT. Telephone & Broadband Repairs & Installations.

Telecommunication Engineer covering Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Offering solutions for low speed broadband faults, telephone internal line faults. Internal / external wiring repaired / renewed and main sockets provided. Network  Computer Sockets, underground cable repair on your property, etc. Ex BT Openreach.

Amersham Repair & Installation Charges A Fraction Of Your Service Providers & NO VAT !

Telephone & Broadband Installation & Repair By Qualified Telecommunication Engineer.

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Are you having a problem with your telephone or internet line provider and you need a visit from a Qualified Ex BT Openreach Telephone Engineer ?. Are your service providers charges totally unacceptably high & over the top prices for parts also they are charging you VAT ?, Are you getting NO help from there engaged busy call centres ?. please call us for any telephone or broadband issue on your property & our charges are a Fraction of your providers & NO VAT.

Amersham Telephone Line Repair, Telephone Extensions & Cabling, Broadband Speed Investigation & Repair, Etc, Qualified Telephone Engineers. 

Do you have a noisy crackly line or no dial tone ?, but BT or your line provider says there is nothing wrong with your line, If you cannot determine which side of the network the problem exists ( internaly / BT network or your service providers wiring ) then I can prove / repair on any type of fault. Problems with broadband ? - I can solve internal telephone and broadband wiring problems including dropped connections and poor line speed investigated.

Prices A FRACTION Of Your Providers & We Don't Charge VAT ! See BT Engineer Charges Below